Four-edge sealed bag machine for transdermals active substance patch

ABB Flexpicker for the variable laying of different types of plaster

Inspection systems for the control of incoming and laid plasters.

InkJet system for serializing the packaging bags

Sorting function at the inlet and outlet.

GMP compliant and validated.

Stick glue machine for applying a Tyvec strip to board games

Format size: 200×200 to 1000×1000

Speed up to 5000 sheets per hour

Booklet laser contour cutter

Machine for separating and making an individual contour cut on the 1st side.

Output of 3600 booklets per hour

200 watt laser

Work steps:

Separate and place booklets

Lift the 1st side

Cut back the booklet with a rotary cutter

Fold back the 1st page

Laser cutting 1st side and remove waste

Collecting (stacking) booklets

Booklet pick & place dispenser for SMAG screen printing machine

Foil dispensing machine for masking self-adhesive sheets

Consisting of:


Rotary dispenser with sheeter

Arch transport route

Output 3600 sheets / hour

Residual winder for removing residual film from cardboard tubes

Flower seed applicator machine

For the precise application of flower seeds on a straight paper web

Lot production and converting machine for the state lottery administration (Bayern Los)

Inline coating machine for applying a microsphere adhesive for the production of adhesive notes

Digital printing unit inline in offset printing machine for endless and interrupt free serialization, numbering and addressing