Rotation stick on film

Machine to stick on film from web to sheet. Cutting sheets from roll an sticking on single sheet with permanent clue.


  • Angular roll investor
  • Alignment tapes
  • rotation cross cutting unit
  • Nip station
  • rotation sticking on unit
  • unwinder
  • 6 brushles servounits

Folding tools

Picture one showes a folding tapel for a bielomatic collator.

Picture two shows a folding tool, for folding singel or Z-lax in onls one step. The length of the Unit is only 500 mm.

The tools are hardened and TiCn coated.


Flexo-lack-printing- Unit for a speck inline finishing machine.


  • Flexoprinting unit with magnetic cylinder
  • Servodriven
  • UV-Dryer-Fa. Adnos


Rotation-Stick-On-Unit to cut and stick on labels from adhesive tape to a web.


  • Sticking on and cutting with or without photocell mark
  • Driven mechanical or with servounit
  • Servounit for nip-Station or mechanical with changing gears
  • single or double production